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The Key To Fixing Economic Inequality

For many years economic inequality has been a massive issue between the poor and the rich for some time now. A significant change in the economy between the rich and the poor especially had to do with an event called ‘The Coronavirus Pandemic.’ As most if not all people are familiar with the pandemic, it caused one of the worst global recessions in history. While people lost their jobs and most had to file for unemployment, the rich were getting richer. Billionaires like Jeff Bezos had companies like Amazon that may have helped people in some sense when nobody felt comfortable going outside. But Jeff Bezos made $75 Billion in 2020 alone while people were still out of work. In the present day of 2022 while people are starting to go back to work. It’s still somewhat difficult for the average American to get by living paycheck to paycheck. With the national minimum wage still being $7.25 and gas prices going up, economic resolve has to be in the picture. The primary key to fixing economic inequality is to do these things. Raising the minimum wage, while that’s a start and higher taxes may be involved, could possibly benefit in the long run. Secondly, investing, if people invest in the stock market or crypto or any type of digital currency, could also put some extra money into’s people’s pockets over time if they make suitable investments, of course. While those ideas and solutions may not solve economic inequality tomorrow, it’s definitely a good start to resolving it.

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