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We are nothing with out our great team. From analysts to marketing specialists. We are all here on the mission to make learning about finance accessible and easy with a clear and easy way to start. Many of our staff currently work in finance or have some sort of finance experience.

Finance as a way of life

The Founders

Fynn Schiwichtenberg

Co Founder / Chief Executive Officer / Chief Technology Officer

Maxwell Houshman

Co Founder / President / Chief Business Officer

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Meet Our Team

Kwabena Ferdnance

Chief Analyst

Elias Schmidt


Erin Ferdnance


Paul Chan


Robert McCrary

Real Estate

Debbie Hendry

Labor Law

Andrew Smith

Mergers & Acquisitions

Jeanelle Dale


Christina Amerson

Capital Markets, M&A

Anna Klatt

Drug Crimes

Angela Butler

Project Finance Practice

Joseph A. Williams

family law

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